Critique Guidelines

The meeting on the third Thursday of the month will be spent discussing and critiquing works that had been submitted in advance. Below you will find guidelines for reviewing and discussing these submitted works:
  • Each group member is expected to have read the submitted works in advance of the meeting and be ready to provide feedback.
  • Group members should feel free to make edits, revisions and comments on any submitted work. Group members can choose to keep these notes private or give the notes to the author of the work. Group members are encouraged, but not required, to give edits and notes to the authors. 
  • Each group member will be given the opportunity to speak once before the author is allowed to respond.
New York Times bestselling author Neil Gaiman once said, “When people tell you there’s something wrong with a story, they’re almost always right. When they tell what it is that’s wrong and how it can be fixed, they’re almost always wrong.”

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