About Our Group

How often and where do you meet?

Right now we are taking a hiatus from meeting regularly. I am leaving the information below up for historical purposes.

We currently meet once a month to discuss and critique one another's work --  the third Thursday of the month. We meet from 6-8pm in the community room at the Monrovia branch of the Morgan County Public Library in Monrovia, Indiana. Any deviation from that schedule will be noted on our Meeting Schedule page.

We also host a spring and fall speakers series. Dates for those events will be posted on the aforementioned meeting schedule page. Details about our guest speakers will be posted on the main blog page as the event nears.

Monrovia? Huh?

Monrovia is a small town located just southwest of Indianapolis in the metro area. For some perspective, our group facilitator can get from her house to the airport in 15 minutes and to downtown in 25 minutes. That includes rush hour traffic and finding parking. Come hang out with us. Aside from the fact that our location is easy to get to, our library is also pretty new and super cute. Oh, and our group members are pretty rad too.

What do you do at the group?

The third Thursday of the month is dedicated to editing, reviewing and discussing works submitted in advance by our members (see our submissions page for more information about submitting your work for review). This is the opportunity to put our learning into action.

Group participation is always wonderful at our meetings, but do not worry...we will never make you participate or read something aloud if you do not wish to do so. Observers are welcome!

Our spring and fall speakers series includes local authors, editors and other literary professionals discussing a wide variety of topics relating to writing. These events are separate from our monthly meeting.

All meetings are free and open to the public. Please feel free to bring a friend(s) or family member(s).

How can I prepare for my first meeting?

You certainly are more than welcome to just show up! That being said, if you email us in advance we can give you the low down on what will be going on at our upcoming meeting and give you any handouts/submissions in advance of the meeting. You might also want to join our facebook group.

What should I expect at my first meeting?

If it is your first time attending there will be a sign-up sheet when you walk in. After your first meeting you will be on our email distribution list. Don't worry...we won't spam you.

Please also bring paper/pen or an electronic device you can write on (e.g. a laptop or iPad) as you may wish to take notes. We may also work on writing prompts from time to time.

What should I bring to each meeting?

If you have attended before you will want to bring any writings that were emailed out to the group in advance of the meeting. About a week and half to two weeks before the submission meeting you will receive an email with any writings that have been submitted by other members. Please read, edit and make comments on each writing before the next meeting. Bring a copy of the writings so you can reference them during the meeting.

If you have not attended before, just bring something to write with (pen/paper or an electronic device). Welcome to the group!

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